Below are recent reviews carried out by me. New reviews will be posted regularly so keep your eyes peeled for new content.

Super Arcade Soccer 2021

Now, I’m not one for football games or the biggest fan of football since my father passed away, and to be honest with you, the main reason is, I suck at them! So why write an article about a football game…

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Dungeons & Bomb

Today I am writing about a game that was released a few months back from the developers over at Pigeon Dev called Dungeons & Bombs. This 50 levelled nostalgia-filled puzzle game will leave you in awe with the quick achievement run…

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Boris the Rocket

Recently, I have picked up a little indie game called Boris the Rocket by Tor Studios and Big Way Games. This exciting little title has you defend your motherland from the get-go, in this cold war simulator. It starts is in…

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Bunny Factory

Back again with another DillyFrame Games game. This time around, it’s their new instalment released today called Bunny Factory. This new edition brings back more puzzle mayhem but this time in a factory warehouse. You start of taking control of a…

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Kick It, Bunny

Let’s start of by saying thank you to DillyFrame to supplying me a code for Kick It, Bunny! This is much appreciated. Now, I’ve not heard much about this game but did know they produce similar titles like this called ‘Bunny…

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Long Ago: A Puzzle Story

With thanks to GrimTalin for supplying me a code for their newly released game Long Ago. Releasing on May 28th for Xbox, Steam and Nintendo, this little indie game has changed up the dynamics to make a more intriguing, challenging and…

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

SO after getting a copy and hearing and reading mixed reviews on this game, I thought “how bad can this game be?” I put a considerable amount of hours into Contracts and a lot of the hours had me filled with…

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Aces of the Luftwaffe: Squadron

Handy games have published a lot of games as of late and I know this is well overdue but with a review list like mine, I have only just had the chance to get around to playing and reviewing this title.…

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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 brought to us by CDProjekt Red was their new instalment to the open-world genre that we love or should have loved. Coming from a company that delivered a huge 5-star game called the Witcher 3, many fans had high…

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Retirement! That not a word many people like to hear however, for some it offer a more peaceful life. Clear tranquil surroundings of countryside without a care in the world. Nah!! Who wants that life when you can have a life…

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Active Neurons 2

  We are faced with a brand new year and a reset for me to crack on with some game reviews. Let’s forget what 2020 was and bring on 2021. My first review of the year is Active Neurons 2 by…

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Active Neurons 3

The publishers at Sometimes You (@Pinkerator) have brought as another instalment of some of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played Active Neurons 3. If you’ve not read my review on Active Neurons 2, then by all means go and have…

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The developers over at @Coatsink were nice enough to supply me with a code of a new kid friendly puzzle game about a conjoined dog or dogs, to tackle various puzzles across multiple levels across three worlds. By worlds I mean,…

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